Sound Stage and Imaging

I love speakers who 'paint a big picture' (I am literally closing my eyes and trying to SEE a picture). Therefore I THINK I like to see IMAGING and BIG SOUND STAGE. And also like DYNAMICS.

Being frugal (just not willing to spent audiophile level money on it), I love to persuit 'bang for buck' solutions in general.

With above goals in mind for a speaker: what hits the marks in the low fi (audiphile scale) $2k (used or new) budget range. (I have 2 setups: one HUGE room, one 20x20).


Tekton: before the current B&W Nautilus 804 I had the Mini Lore (bought after in house testing several others in the large room with sub). 

Vandersteen: friend has a set of 2c (3 way IIRC), terrible room/setup. But will pay more attention next time. First time casual listening, I liked how 'easy/natural' they sounded. 

To get a truly large lifelike presentation you need a line source loudspeaker like a Magneplanar , ribbon or electrostatic speaker. All these other speakers are point source which have an inherently microscopic sound stage, even the larger ones. Go Listen to Magneplanars. They are the best value. 

When I was looking at speakers I was always looking for a wide sound stage and when I heard kef r11's non meta I didn't just get a wide sound stage but I got a deep sound stage I never knew what a deep sound stage sounded like until I heard them. They are now in my home and I can tell you that you can hear a drummer or a piano player 10 ft behind the speakers with a stand-up bass up front.. live jazz is very good for this demo or any well-mastered jazz album.. you can find these used on eBay