Sound Stage and Imaging

I love speakers who 'paint a big picture' (I am literally closing my eyes and trying to SEE a picture). Therefore I THINK I like to see IMAGING and BIG SOUND STAGE. And also like DYNAMICS.

Being frugal (just not willing to spent audiophile level money on it), I love to persuit 'bang for buck' solutions in general.

With above goals in mind for a speaker: what hits the marks in the low fi (audiphile scale) $2k (used or new) budget range. (I have 2 setups: one HUGE room, one 20x20).


magneplanar: unless recently rebuild, I don't want to deal with the potential issues. Locally listed is a pair of MG1. Also MG1B.

Do Magnepan (1.6 local) fall in the same category? 

Martin Logan ESL (local used), Best Buy ESL 8"?

Martin Logan Aerius?

@kraftwerkturbo The Mini Lores don’t have the tweeter array that really makes the Tekton speakers a great value for your money.

Lower-end Magneplanars.

But when it comes to soundstage, cables, room acoustics, & power conditioning are essentail.  You're talking about very tiny phase & amplitude

IMO you are just not going to get tall, wide, and deep soundstage anywhere near $2,000 a pair.

In that price range I'd think about Zu Audio Dirty Weekend VI speakers $1,600 a pair in black....or a few $$ more for wood finishes; 95 DB so really easy to drive, and a really fun speaker. They also have a large stand mount version called the DWX.....but I've only heard the floor stander. A friend has a pair in a listening room that I would call underwhelming, and they still sound really really, dynamic, good imaging, and wide (if not deep) soundstage. Steve Guttenberg has a nice review here 


Also might try the Polk Audio Reserve 600 about $1,500 a pair, punch way above their price point....and should be really easy to demo.