Soundcraftsman amps anyone????

I used to have their 5002 class H amp. 250 watts. Never ran hot. Reliable. Had a mod done in 91 or 92. Was much smoother and cleaner after that. I regret I sold it here in 2006. There are very few Soundcraftsman sold here or on ebay. Maybe it was a small company that did not turn out many units. I drove a pair of hard to drive OHM I speakers (rated at 1000 watts max) with ease. Anyone want to comment about hierarchy in the 80's audio chain, as compared to Nikko, Adcom, Hafler, Heathkit, Rotel etc.?? I had a Nikko alpha 220 (120 watts) and the Soundcraftsman was clearer and smoother.
I had a 2502 amp and dx4000 pre-amp with an AE-2000 back in the 80's during the collage years. Just sold the AE-2000 a few years back. Kind of miss that piece Nice system and very flexible. I had always wanted a DDR1200 amp but couldn't afford one at that time.

I liked the 2502 amp a lot. Always had plenty of power and headroom but a little on the dark side. I had been thinking of getting a 5002 and have modds done to use it as a sub amp. Very under rated amplifier

I always thought the PCR 800 and anything after that was junk

Stick with an A5002 or DDR-1200 lots of power and reliable. Great mod candidate
I purchased the A 200 back in "93" It was my first separate system, and drove my Maggie 2.6. Although I have switched to tubes my A 200 is still kicking and is part of my "whole house" system. It powers my deck speakers (Sonance) with ease. As a matter of fact it is probably overkill for those speakers but the sure sound great with a cold brew after 18 holes.