Soundlab reliable?

Contemplating buying SoundLab M-2PX or A-3PX speakers to be driven by some Atma-Sphere amps, how reliable is the speaker? What concerns or issues have you had?
Hello Rleff, I'm driving my M-1PX panels with Pass Labs X600.8 mono blocks. Oh, I'm not giving up on drivers! In fact, I just had the pleasure to hear Magico's new S7 speakers yesterday at the Magico facility in Hayward CA. The speakers are amazing!
Yes I heard them at overture audio in Delaware and they are
amazing. I think what I like about my m2's is you can listen all day and not get tired of the session; the soundstage is just huge and being able to locate instruments within is awesome; enjoy your new investment!!!!
Just picked up some A3s that had new mylar installed in 011. I also picked up some A3 pxes along with pristine 3s and pristine 2s . Nothing can compare in my book. After hearing a good panel, driver speakers sound so slow and I can hear the xovers. They all sound like a cardboard box .

I've had a similar experience. I'm the second owner of very early A-3s (serial# A300****44.) I purchased them ~10 years ago, replaced the Mylar and they continue to sound great; better with the torrid upgrade. In the the past decade I've had no substantive performances with them.

'What he said', following Audiokinesis. I owned Sound Labs in 2004, and an ugly divorce helped me sell them, grrrrrr. One of the panels failed. Random bad luck, really. But guess what happened. Sound Lab repaired them for FREE!  Mr. West and crew have nothing but my utmost respect in every aspect of their business model. In other words, they treat people as they're supposed to.
By the way, they're amazingly good, natural, detailed, musical, involving loudspeakers, if that matters. 
Good Listening.