Soundocity type speaker stand outriggers

Apparently “Soundocity” is no longer in business, neither of their contact links on their website is working, as is most of their other webpage links.  They had exactly what I was looking for.


I’m seeking outriggers for my speaker stands to make them a bit more stable, but I can’t find anything through a Google search.  Plenty of speaker outriggers that use  tap screw into the bottom of wooden/mdf speakers, but that’s not what I’m looking for.  I’m looking for basic outriggers that bolt into the existing holes in the bottom of speaker stands, that also have spiked adjustable feet at the far end, or absent that, a hole on the far end to allow the mounting of spiked feet.  Townshend products, while excellent, are way out of my price range.  Any ideas?

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roxy54-  thanks for the info!

carlsbad2-  perhaps you missed the part about the Townshends being too expensive…

Sorry to hear this news.  I ordered outriggers several times from them.  They were a quality product at an affordable price.