soundproof a door

My listening room has a hollow body bi-fold door that I can't replace with a swing door. My door opens into the living room where my wife watches TV. She frequently complains that my music is too loud. What can I do to deaden that door without hanging drapes or some other lousy attempt? I'm stumped. Frankly, I'm surprised this isn't more of a problem for you all.
I disagree that your Solid core door needs to be "3 inches thick and completely sealed". You can get a decent STC rating (probably around 55-60) with a regular stock solid core door, and full gasketing all around. Use gasketing from the autoparts store for car doors, and you'll be fine. Trying to get an STC rating above that in a residential environment is fairly ridiculous, and would involve a triple layer, triple sealing multi-thickness monstrosity.

Be sure to gasket around the floor as well, or use a neoprene buffer.
Hueske, I think you are right but also that a solid door even if gasketed will much satisfy someone in the next room. I think his only real answer is to find another room.
The room situation is all I have but it is a very good room. 20' x 14.5'. Not bad. I'm going to look into a solid door and gasket it well. "Soundproof" is a poor choice of words. A 70 percent reduction would be worth it. Thanks. But please let ideas keep coming.
i have an idea. buy her a pair of earphones used to block out the sound, especially suited for people who work in a very noisy environment.

if that doesn't work, ask her to move the tv into another room so you can enjoy the stereo while she watches tv.