Soundsmith notes the passing of Doug Cassara

I would like to post here the passing of Doug Cassara, of Mamaroneck New York, last evening.

Doug was one of my audio/engineer "students" back in the beginning of the 70's; he worked for Julius Futterman as well. Doug was severely injured in a car accident, and became a quadriplegic in his 20's. As many know, they don't live very long. Doug lived for more than 45 years in his wheel chair, his breathing created by wires to his diaphragm, his speech timed as it allowed. Doug was one of the few heroes I have known. He took up water color painting with a brush handle placed in his mouth; he collected and repaired tons of audio gear by teaching others what to do with their hands and minds. He came to Soundsmith to visit and listen -  I gifted him a strain gauge when he showed interest in it, which brought him some measure of joy. His love of music was deeper than anyone could imagine, and went to concerts as often as he could, and befriended many musicians.

He needed 24/7 nursing at home for all the years in that chair and in bed, in case the machine failed to make him breathe. He was hospitalized many times, and NEVER gave up. A recent hospitalization was one he could not recover from, and he asked that his support be terminated. I do not have one cell in my body that is as brave and courageous and determined to survive as much as his entire being did. He deserves to be mentioned here; he was an audio engineer and audiophile like few others. God speed Doug - I will continue to pray for you, and pray there is so much music where you are. I will miss you. You were one of the very few heroes left for us to admire in this age. 

Peter Ledermann/Soundsmith



An incredibly brave individual who never gave up on living his life … RIP  

The love between you both  is the ultimate in the eyes of GOD ,

Both of you will meet again ,   R.I.P 

Thank you Peter for posting this.  

may he Rest In Peace.  he suffered and endured a lot.

I am glad you remember him and celebrate his strength.

So sad to learn of Doug’s passing! I knew him from a chance meeting in 1977 at Audiocom in Old Greenwich, CT. Doug offered to sell me a pair of Futterman OTL tube amps and invited me over to his home for a listen. I paid him a visit on a Sunday afternoon. He had the pair of Futterman H3aa’s set up with the Quad 57’s, a Marantz 7 tube preamp, Thorens TD125 TT/Rabco arm/ Panasonic strain gauge cartridge. We listened to Brand X’s Moroccan Roll LP. I was quite taken by the sound quality! After listening Doug had me help him carry down a pair of KLH Nine ESL’s from the second floor and set them up in front of the Quads and connect them to the Futtermans. After waiting a bit for the Nines to charge up we then listened some more. After this I told Doug that I would think over his offer to sell the Futterman amps. He took me to the Harrison train station so I could return to Old Greenwich. The car was the BMW 2002 that he later had the bad crash that left him paralyzed from the head down. This first meeting with Doug took place I’d say about a year before the crash. I did not buy his pair of Futtermans but as a weird twist of Fate I did acquire them several years ago from another NYC audiophile as an EBay sale. Nos. 56 & 57! Well that’s my story of my meeting Doug all those years ago before the car crash.

I stayed in touch with Doug and visited him at home in Harrison. In fact it was there that I had my first home experience listening to CDs on an early Denon CD player. Doug had the Quads suspended on chains from the ceiling to free up floor space. I am glad to have met Doug!