I have a decent size room 20’x33’x9’.  Due to the placement of some large columns I need to place my equipment on the long wall.  While I can achieve an equilateral triangle between seat and speakers (11’ on all sides) .... I am unable to have the front of the speakers more than 3’ from the front wall.  I am using Avantgarde Uno speakers with Pass Labs XA 60.8 amp and AR Ref 6 pre.  Sources are Lumin X1 and SME 20.  The overall sound and imaging are wonderful.  There are two problems that I can’t seem to get right.  First, the soundstage is rather narrow ... does extend beyond the speakers (have tried every off to on axis position).  Second, the image is detailed/precise but not deep ... it just sort of hangs on the wall 3’ behind the face of the speakers.  I believe that the problems are due the speakers not being far enough from the front wall but I can’t move them out more (due to the columns I mention).  Any suggestions on how I might fix these two problems?
You've 11 feet. Why not bring them out another foot? Bring them closer together and fire straight ahead. Remove rack from between speakers. 
One possibility is that the image isn't forming as you are almost near field and the driver output hasn't integrated at the listening position. 
You may want to try putting diffusers on the front wall behind and between the speakers, if the esthetics are acceptable. Diffusers tend to enlarge the sound space but in some cases might compromise image specificity. Just need to experiment with the placement (on the wall) to optimize the sound you like.
Did you have these in a different room where you experienced a larger soundstage with them out further? Do you know that they are capable of larger sound? I don't know much about the speakers but I know that all  of them have different points where they excel.  Others have given good info. That said, Why not pull the speakers out a little  further and see what happens? 
You are experiencing a problem that is inherent in the 'stereo' design. 'In phase' information is only heard between the speakers. Sound coming from outside  the speakers appears only when it is bounced off the walls/ceiling and floor or 'out of phase' information is in the recording. In your set up you have no walls for the sound to bounce off to help create stereo width. That is one of the reasons folks like the short wall more. Depth is highly influenced  by speaker placement (5 to 6 ft is optimum as I think you know) but if it ain't in the recording, and it usually isn't, you won't hear great depth anyway. 

There are devices made to enhance stereo imaging, mostly based on introducing 'out of phase' information that might help, as there are ways of incorporating rear speakers into a two way system which can enhance the sense of sound stage. If you want to hear the effects of out of phase information (only) reverse the plus/minus connections on one speaker. Then you will hear most every thing out of phase - you will note the sound is very spacious but has no central image/focus.  

You have high quality stuff so I suspect you might not want to do this but if your up to a relatively cheap 4 speaker solution investigate the Hafler design. It actually works. But it does have a down side. Doesn't everything? :-)