Soundstage and explosive dynamics?

I’m looking high and low for speakers with the following attributes:

1. Wide and deep soundstage. Speakers can disappear from the soundstage.
2. Decent imaging.
3. Explosive dynamics with force and surprise.
4. Costs less than $10k.

The Absolute Sound just came out with their recommended components. Why not get some professional advice. 

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The bar is set very low if Focal 936’s (a speaker I know better than most) are your reference in a conversation like this. I suggest getting out and listening to more speakers. Maybe you can find a fellow member in your area that has gear like most have mentioned in the thread. If you could find anything Shadorne has recommended to demo it would fit the bill.
 I don't know the ESS  and have never heard that particular model of the focal.  In my experience paper cone, large diameter,  efficient drivers offer some of the best tone and impact in the business.  
 Again you can't cheat physics. 
How about the GoldenEar Triton ones for $5k (or $8k if you want to spring for the new Triton reference).

I have them in my living room, with the built in subs they have dynamic range, and they certainly seem to disappear from the soundstage to me.