Soundstage and explosive dynamics?

I’m looking high and low for speakers with the following attributes:

1. Wide and deep soundstage. Speakers can disappear from the soundstage.
2. Decent imaging.
3. Explosive dynamics with force and surprise.
4. Costs less than $10k.

How about the GoldenEar Triton ones for $5k (or $8k if you want to spring for the new Triton reference).

I have them in my living room, with the built in subs they have dynamic range, and they certainly seem to disappear from the soundstage to me.

Some of the best speakers I have heard or that I would own have smaller woofers. For example, your Magico S5, Raidho d5, revel salon 2, and others have 8” and 9” woofers, and they have the cleanest and sufficient bass that you would want. Most of these speakers use 3 or more smaller woofers instead of 1 larger woofer.
There is no doubt all of the fantastic speakers you listed have very good bass. The thing is the OP is asking for "explosive" dynamics with force and surprise. Even my 200lb 6ft tall floorstanding speakers with 4 x 8 inch woofers are not capable of startling or surprising me, if anything the bass response is expected and balanced. My recommendation of large used JBL synthesis has no personal bias or ownership experience behind it, they just happen to make a speaker that could tick every box for the OP. Any speakers that have shocked or downright intimidated me have been speakers with large, usually high efficiency paper woofers. Spatial M3 Turbo S in a large room and a powerful amp are capable of hitting you in the chest bass but IMO fall short with the refinement the OP might be looking for. I don’t feel there is much depth to the soundstage compared to a something like an ATC. Clayton’s higher end models may very well be the full package. With a less than 10k budget options are limited.
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Rbstenho  I agree speakers with multiple smaller woofers can go very low and clean in the bass.  However these speakers almost always are less efficient  so they do not have the best dynamics. The op asked for explosive dynamics and that is where you need efficiency.  
 People are confusing deep bass and dynamics in this thread