Soundstage perspective w/ Chenin and Cortese

One Syrah owner has said that his preamp's soundstage is much further back than one might expect from typical tube preamps." This might be based on the interaction with other components in his chain and/or the way recordings are made. Nonetheless, do any of you Syrah, Chenin or Cortese owners have a characteristically similar soundstage perspective, or one that is more middle of the road or relatively close up ?
1. deeper
2. more stable
3. marginally more broad

As I have continued (3 elements remaining are a door to the room, a diffuser behind the listening position and ceiling greatment), I have also heard more separation--between instruments (I tend to listen to small group jazz & blues) and a separation between the music & background. Don't konw if the last is the room or the electronics...
I am currently having constucted a dedicated room as well. So what exactly did you hear in terms of soundstage perspective ? Thanks for your reply.
Don't forget the room!!!

I moved about a year ago and have seen the image change dramatically--from the old house to the new house (dedicated room in each), and then almost as much when I started putting in the pieces of the Rives design.

I'm running a Syrah (Chenin + phono stage)...