Source for tube shopping?

I'm in need of a dozen EL34s for my Cary V12. I'm going to go with the new issue Electro Harmonix tubes, largely because they seem to be well rated, they're reasonably priced, and I need a lot of them. I'm looking at three websites - Tube Depot; Antique Electronic Supply; and Amplified Parts - all of who offer matching services for the tubes at between $13-$15 per tube. Does anyone have any experience with any of these sites they could share, or do you have a recommended alternative? In a little bit of a rant, Cary wanted to charge $40 EACH for this same tube, which is some first-class gouging if I've ever seen it. Any experiences are appreciated.
I sourced Winged C EL34s from Antique Electric Supply to re-tube a conrad johnson Premier V. I can’t necessarily fault AES - maybe the Winged Cs weren’t a good match - but I had too many failures to suit me.
Here's a link to Jim McShane's site. The tube listing page is a bit daunting but sending him a message at is your best bet.
~65 per quad of the EH EL34's and ~80 per quad of the EH 6CA7's (all matched of course). I definitely ask his opinion on what to get within your given budget. I think the the EH are pretty good (Jim always stops carrying a given tube if it proves unreliable, so you're safe there).
Andy at vintage tube services can help you out as well;always gave me great customer service and advice.