Sources for NOS tubes

Anybody have any sources for tubes that can be trusted. My prior source doesn't have inventory. Looking for 6922 tubes to be used in preamp.
Regarding Upscale Audio. Whilst you can respect their stance on 6922 NOS due to their rarity-I wouldn't bother with them. I e-mailed an enquiry and got no response,none,zitto. Plain bad manners. Ben
Sorry, Ben. I looked and what you say is true. I get fifty e-mails a day, many of which are a "quick question" which I may not be able to service. I started today at 6:30AM and it's now 8:20PM...and I am not done yet. I have a cut and paste "sorry I can't help" I usually send out in instances like this, but was going to answer you. But it piles up. Tons. I send out three and four come back. So you are in the pile....sorry. Much of our biz is from guys bored at the office....but along wit that are loooong questions. And most folks don't realize how much of it there is. We may go to on-line ordering. I like the one-on-one stuff to get into my customers heads, but e-mail is killing it.
The power of Audiogon. And a reply I did get. Better late than never. Thanks Kevin. Regards, Ben