South Florida - join in and make a REAL effort!

Ok, I have browsed the periodic threads for the Miami and other South Florida areas for audio clubs.  The interested parties are out there, but the thread posts are too few and far between, not to mention they span a few threads.

So, I will promise to act as the ring leader and gather the info and try to get something going!  If you are interested, post here, tell us your city and e-mail.  I'll make a list and if we get some traction, I will send out an e-mail to any interested parties so we can all make something happen!

In another post I was putting out a feeler to see if there are any vinyl fans who would like to share the cost of a high end record cleaner.  That can be something that some local vinyl fans may be interested in.

I would be happy to connect and hang out with other music nuts from time to time.  So, let it begin!

- Mark Tomaras mark (at) marktomaras (dot) com

There are a few interesting shops in the Miami area.  Sound Components in Coral Gables, Deja Vu Audio South in Miami's Design District, and The Audio Salon in the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables.  Tampa is pretty far from me, so I am not aware of what they have going on.  Though Eric Lang has a home automation shop in Orlando that has some nice hifi (Wilson Audio, Sonus Fabter to name two), and maybe a new hifi only shop on the coast somewhere that far North, not close to Tampa, but perhaps worth a visit.  here's his contact:  eric (at) wiredtechgroup (dot) com
Eric is a super nice guy.  I bought my Wilson Sophia 2's from him...
Tell him I said hello!

 Thanks, I will definitely check Eric's shop out. I own Sonus Faber Elipsa SE speakers. It will be nice to see everything he has. We will be heading back to Tampa later this month.

Hello Mark saw your post, I live in sw Miami been involved with audio for a long time. Like what you are trying to do, have three other friend who would get involved..My name is Bridg you can
add me to your list..

Thanks Bridg.