South Florida - join in and make a REAL effort!

Ok, I have browsed the periodic threads for the Miami and other South Florida areas for audio clubs.  The interested parties are out there, but the thread posts are too few and far between, not to mention they span a few threads.

So, I will promise to act as the ring leader and gather the info and try to get something going!  If you are interested, post here, tell us your city and e-mail.  I'll make a list and if we get some traction, I will send out an e-mail to any interested parties so we can all make something happen!

In another post I was putting out a feeler to see if there are any vinyl fans who would like to share the cost of a high end record cleaner.  That can be something that some local vinyl fans may be interested in.

I would be happy to connect and hang out with other music nuts from time to time.  So, let it begin!

- Mark Tomaras mark (at) marktomaras (dot) com
I just found a South Florida Audiophiles (Fort Lauderdale) meet up group but it looks like is no longer active. The last events dates from 2015.
Would be nice to revive this meetup group or maybe create a new one.
Calling all South Florida enthusiasts, I am about to sell my entire system save for the speakers.  Moving to Europe! Probably selling the record collection too! If you’re curious, you can see my system here.

if anyone’s interested, you can come over for an in home demo before you buy!

I'm back in town and would love to join the group. I'd be willing to host a listening anytime or join up with a group or whoever. Neil and listened to each others systems years ago! 
Just moved to Hollywood from the West Coast. Interested in connecting with other audiophiles. Is there a group that is currently semi active? I'm reachable at lectrolink (at) aol.