SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth

According to the price lists they are in one category, but anyone could comment on quality/performance? At the moment i use big Teak Wood plinth (just $750) custom made in Taiwan for my SP10mk2. Looking for upgrade in the future. I use my sp10mk2 with Reed "12 tonearm now. Doest the plinth actually makes a big difference in sound? My stand is well damped with glass, metal and sarbothane in between.

1) Oswald Mill Audio graphite slate plinth (single layer) $2750, double layer looks fantastic but cost $3500

2) Steve Dobbins famous custom plinth cost $2650 including three Stillpoints feet and automotive show quality paint in black or white. Design has changed many times, still hard to find any current plinth picture online.

I know there are Albert Porter's and Artisan Fidelity quality plinth available, but i don't like the design (i mean just how it looks) for SP10.
What about the size Tenuto?
Micro Seiki fits in (for Technics SP10mkII platter) like it was made for it, not like other mats which can be smaller or bigger in diameter. Micro Seiki is the best for Technics owners. The CU-500 is much thicker than CU-180

Here is my CU-500:

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I seem to remember from an old mail with the producer that the diameter of the Tenuto mat was 294 mm.

I see your SP10 II and from the picture I recognized some identical images on ebay ........ it is you who had for sale on ebay until yesterday the mat Saec 300?
Thanks best-groove.   That is not in Australia, but there are other copper cleaners - just a bit hesitant to use as don't want to remove the laquer finish, so will probably keep as is.

  The Tenuto fits the SP10 mk3 and Pioneer P3 fine. Not as perfect as the cu-180 - but at least you can remove it without the need for suction cups :-).
    It sounds excellent as well - have not compared to the CU-180 thou.  the one I have is 2.2kg, so is heavier than the cu-180 - same weight as the CU-500.
    Since you seem to be in Italy - have you seen or used the TORQUEO AUDIO COPPER MAT . That also looks high quality but more expensive than the Tenuto.

  Hi Chakster - I would love your CU-500 or another cu-180 but the cu-190 is up to 3 times more expensive and CU-500 3-6 times more expensive than the Tenuto.


yes I know the Torqueo mat but my opinion is that it costs too much.

I'm not willing to spend a lot of money on a mat.