SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth

According to the price lists they are in one category, but anyone could comment on quality/performance? At the moment i use big Teak Wood plinth (just $750) custom made in Taiwan for my SP10mk2. Looking for upgrade in the future. I use my sp10mk2 with Reed "12 tonearm now. Doest the plinth actually makes a big difference in sound? My stand is well damped with glass, metal and sarbothane in between.

1) Oswald Mill Audio graphite slate plinth (single layer) $2750, double layer looks fantastic but cost $3500

2) Steve Dobbins famous custom plinth cost $2650 including three Stillpoints feet and automotive show quality paint in black or white. Design has changed many times, still hard to find any current plinth picture online.

I know there are Albert Porter's and Artisan Fidelity quality plinth available, but i don't like the design (i mean just how it looks) for SP10.
Dear @sbank : What I'm trying to say is that both: the original SOTA and ATs are even better for those TTs, that's all.

Good that you are enjoying your system day by day experiences.

4kg SS mat is a definite improvement

you will need a good supply of thrust pad to use as a spare with all ncredible weight. lol

Raul - as you know, nothing is for certain in turntables.  The MS cu-180 definitely sounds better than the thick or thin technics mat or any other mat I have tried - fits like a glove as well.

 With the Pioneer Exclusive P3, not so sure. the P3 rubber mat is original and does things that no other mat has done on the P3. That said, nothing wrong with the sound the Tenuta is producing.
"I would keep in mind that the "CU" mats made by M-S are expensive not merely because of their association with M-S but also because they are made of copper, which is very expensive these days." 

Slight correction.  Vintage Micro Seiki CU series (180, 500) mats were manufactured from gunmetal Copper alloy, which although not "cheap" by way of material is still vastly cheaper than pure Copper to manufacture.  The Tenuto mat = gunmetal Copper alloy as well, however, this company also used to make a pure Copper version at one point in time but is now discontinued.  After having owned a couple of CU 180's in the past and now an AF pure Copper mat (3.6kgs.), in my personal opinion, a pure Copper platter mat's tonal characteristics are superior in every way.  

@ferrari275 you said you tried the slim CU-180 (1.8kg), but try the thick CU-500 (2.7kg) if you want to compete with the AF (3.6kg). Or simply add SAEC SS-300 in this competition. Micro Seiki made comparison chart with various mats of that era, the closest to CU-500 (according to their measurements) is the SAEC SS-300. This is very interesting, because the SAEC is a speciall alloy of only 870g in total.