SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth

According to the price lists they are in one category, but anyone could comment on quality/performance? At the moment i use big Teak Wood plinth (just $750) custom made in Taiwan for my SP10mk2. Looking for upgrade in the future. I use my sp10mk2 with Reed "12 tonearm now. Doest the plinth actually makes a big difference in sound? My stand is well damped with glass, metal and sarbothane in between.

1) Oswald Mill Audio graphite slate plinth (single layer) $2750, double layer looks fantastic but cost $3500

2) Steve Dobbins famous custom plinth cost $2650 including three Stillpoints feet and automotive show quality paint in black or white. Design has changed many times, still hard to find any current plinth picture online.

I know there are Albert Porter's and Artisan Fidelity quality plinth available, but i don't like the design (i mean just how it looks) for SP10.
This is very interesting, because the SAEC is a speciall alloy of only 870g in total.

.......mmmmhhh    perhaps the heavy weight does not mean everything.
chakster, the only other mat on my radar would be a stainless steel type.  Weight is a factor not to be dismissed but imho, it's not everything.  The Cu-500 is still Gunmetal.  During listening, I quickly ascertained my AF pure Copper platter mat was heads above the MS Cu-180 Gunmetal Copper alloy, so I had no real motivation to seek out their other mat but perhaps I will buy one to try anyway per your recommendation.  To clarify, does anyone know if the SAEC SS-300 compromised of any stainless steel at all?  At only 870 g it must be a type of lightweight aluminum alloy, no?  I presume by comparison measurements provided at the time by Micro they were referring to weight, density and resonant frequency...ect.  I had the hardened aluminum alloy Oyaide MJ-12 years ago and as I recall it was thin anemic sounding, not at all musical so I sold it. 

.......mmmmhhh   perhaps the heavy weight does not mean everything.

@best-groove My good sir, welcome to the eccentric world of high end audio, nothing means everything! :)
@ ferrari275 

What does the pure copper mats do sonically that are heads and shoulders above the gunmetal copper alloy's like the cu-180?   in your opinion.
LOL.......it's nice to read about mat when the title of the 3ad asks for plinth he he he.
Dear @downunder :  """  any other mat I have tried... """

Try to found out the ATs and original SOTAs and test it vs what you already have, I'm sure that even your P3 will be an improvement.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,