Spacing req. for SpendorSP100 and for JBL L300

How much spacing from rear and side walls do I need for each of the following: Spendor SP100; JBL L300. The room is an open living room/dining room (L shaped). The living room is 12 ft. wide by 18 ft. long but the sitting position has to be at no greater than 15 feet due to hallway. Also, how is an MC 402 for driving each of these (I know the power is there, how about the sound?) What I am shooting for is less brightness and fatigue than B&W 803s that I have been using. Have a chance to get each of these speakers and it appears from listening that the JBLs are great for rock and some jazz but not so much for string quartets and opera - but the Spendors sound great for the latter. Any helpful comments are welcome.
L300 is better of the two, both more musical and more than dynamic. I'm
surprised regarding your comment that it can't play classical music as well
as the Spendors, did you hear them both in the same system?

Ideally you need to place either speaker about 5' to 6' from the wall, but not
knowing your room this is a guess based on the rule of thirds.