Spades or bananas connectors?

Hallo out there,

Which connector would you recommend me between my speakercables and my single wire speakers (Dynaudio)? Spades or bananas? The speakercables is Supra Sword.
Coming back to the question between spades and bananas, my speakers accepts both and I can tell you that the spades outperforms the bananas when music is played in my system.
As stated the bananas are more convenience but for what, it is being unplugged weekly.
I know I have listened to music with both configs.
I hope this is a direct answer to your question.

(A lot of Agon members seems to get upset with repeated questions, poor spelling/grammar, incorrect terminologies and so forth. This is not only an English speaking group.
What really disappoints me is members who are answering questions with their guesses, or they read it somewhere written by someone else. If you haven't listened to it then you have no comment)
In a series of blind tests you couldn't hear the difference among spades, bananas, and bare wire.

Don't kid yourself.
"In a series of blind tests you couldn't hear the difference among spades, bananas, and bare wire."

Q Tips are generally available for less that $2.00 a box.

They would more than likely change the results of such a test.
I totally agree with Audiofeil. And, IMO, if you can hear a difference, then the spades and/or bananas are coloring the sound. If that's what you want, so be it.

Wake up and listen to the music and quit fretting the little stuff....
Bare wire is distinctly better, I have tried spades and banana plugs and couldn't believe the difference when I took them out of the system. I am using silver litz solid core cable, and oxidation is not a problem. I think cable stress doesn't degrade the sound whatsoever and people are trying to get you to buy the expensive connectors to make a sale. No connectors are always better, since even if there would be a stress factor, that would not have an effect as great as adding a spade or banana plug.