Spades terminations into spring load trminal

I just bought a pair of bi wire speakers cables at a very good price and they should arrive shortly. The problem i'm going to encounter is the amplifier ends are terminated in spades and I'm using a vintage Sansui receiver with spring load terminals. What is the best way to connect the two without removing the spades ? Can one end of the spades inserted in suffice ? I dont want to remove the spades because if I dont like the sound I can resell the cables a lot faster with the spade terminations in place. Thanks for any advise.
No, that will not work. Trust me, I've tried it. Those spring loaded connectors are designed for bare wire. You stand a chance of ruining a connector you can't replace or shorting out the amp and losing a channel. Use a good quality solid core wire and wrap it tightly around the spade in a way that it will not slip off while leaving enough left over to insert into the spring loaded connector on your amp. The only other option is wire without connectors.
As others have said, the "half spade" into the terminal wil work but not very well. It really is a "kludgy" way of doing it.
If you do not want to modify the cables, I like the option suggested by Hifihvn best. The problem is that the spring contact counts on the deformation of the wire to create a good contact surface. The solid pin will not deform and you are left with a very small point of contact. It is better than sticking the spade in there, but not by much.

Really, the best connector is no connector. Cut off the spade and stick the wire into the terminal. That connection will be electrically and mechanically secure.
These plugs from monoprice might work, depending on the size of your spade terminals. The pins are designed to work with the spring terminals you have and the back of the plug unscrews. If the spade is wide enough to fit over the inner barrel of the pin plug you'd have a secure connection.

The third picture of the plug shows the relevant construction.
Straight pins do not work well on spring loaded connectors designed for bare wire. The only thing that works right is bare wire.