Spanish Guitar music

I'm looking for some Spanish Guitar music. I know nothing about it, but whenever I hear some I love it. Where should I start.
I am glad you liked the music since it is truly a incredible couple of players,I was reading the notes on the giutarist and he plays strictly by feel.The dynamics are quite silly and I have wondered how those two are able to play so well.Do enjoy-dennis
If you trully want to hear Flamenco guitar and how far it can be pushed, then get "Cositas Buenas" by Paco De Lucia. I've listened to many flamenco virtuoso's from Paco Pena, through to Montoya, the Romero brothers and some more modern ones like Tomatito, Riqueni, Nunez and Chuscales. De Lucia is by far my favorite.

John Williams, for me, is the undisputed master of the classical guitar, even better than his master/teacher Segovia (who employs a much more academic style). Listening to John Williams, I always realize how trully intimate and gentle the classical guitar can be, like a part of one's soul.

If you enjoyed Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and want to pursue this nouveau flamenco genre further then you may also want to consider : Robert Michaels (Arizona), Jose Luis Encinas (Duende) and Mark Antoine ... more great players.

best of luck in your quest for music.