Spatial Audio Labs

I have owned the older Spatial audio labs design 
I don’t see much on the Newer X3 and X5 models .
I heard them a few times at audio get together s  several months ago 
and being 97 db efficient, with power Bass below 90 HZ , the open baffle design seems to hav3 come a long way , the superb to my ears Beyma Tweeter-Midrange is very special in the designed-wave guide 
and venting out the back from 1 khz - around 25 khz  with Nothing in the Xover above 1 khz 
I was very surprised only 2 capacitors and 1 inductor in the entire Xover . I heard them with the upgraded VH audio Odam capacitors . They sounded at least as good or better then any $15k + box 
speaker . If anyone owns these, or has heard them in depth  pleas3 share your experiences
Got a pair of M5's on order.  I had Clayton upgrade the crossover and build a separate crossover externally.   The supply chain has the completion of these speakers on hold.  Can't wait to hear them.
Arion audio , has possibly the best AMT mid-tweeter currently being made yes even better then the Beyma 
their new Atlas speaker brings a lot to the table and is more dynamic. Not as laid back the midBass has better transient attack then the X3. And it’s own powered bass management .
It has many good qualities , I only heard once for an hour or so 
but was very impressed .I am debating on buying or waiting ,
most likely wait until after the holidays .$12k is not much to ask for a cutting edge design IMO.

Have you had an opportunity to listen to any other Arion Audio speaker system? If so can you comment on how they compare to the Atlas speakers?

I own the Sapphire M3s. Coming from many good speakers including Quad ESL's, the M3's sound as good and better than many costing much more. They give you what you feed them and any changes will be easily heard. Room acoustics I had to work with when I got my Quad ESLs. Dye to radiate sound as strongly from the back as the front, panel does the same. So I was set when mine arrived, the sound is very in-room like you hear from a mic feed. They are not bright but every open like a panel speaker or ESL. They image well and go not just low but low with definition with no bloat or forward base as many speakers have on all songs, they can really go low but then on another track bass will be very laid back, so again they give you what is on the recordings. In this day and age when $15,000 speakers are called a bargain, what Spatial charge vs. sound quality are high value, high-quality sound, and a steal. 40 years in this hobby and this is one of the better speakers I've owned or heard regardless of price. 

And I own the X5s and they are my endgame speaker. Great transparency plus dynamics. Easy to drive and a great price. You can occasionally find the X5s or X3s on the used markets for great prices. Fantastic speakers, IMHO.