Spatial Audio open baffle speakers, who has them? Worthwhile change from Maggies?

Of late have been eying the Spatial Audio line of open baffle speakers and like what I have seen and read so far.
Now I am extremely happy with my baby Maggies which have easily bested any and all box speakers in my room ( that I can afford anyways!).
So looking for opinions and views from actual owners of said open baffle speakers, what did you change from and what are the real strengths of the Spatials?
Not short of horsepower to feed them even though they do not need much juice by all accounts but you know the old saying, " too much is never enough!"
Thanks in advance.
We are dealers for GT Audio Works planar speakers. They are a must audition and have a ton of rave reviews. Herb Reichert from Stereophile stated they can go toe to toe with any speaker system out there cost no object.
unlike maggies and other planar magnetic designs they use a Kevlar like membrane that is non resonant, copper traces not inferior aluminum and most importantly no crossover.

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Mapman, et al,

I understand the first gen EPs had issues, but the Gen 2s were significantly improved and most recently are available with carbon fiber drivers.

I ordered mine (pre carbon fiber) with conventional passive XO, but with several upgrades, including Clarity Caps and WireWorld OCC wiring

In response to Tomic 601’s query-
I am using the term Kevlar like to make an analogy between how a Kevlar vest essentially stops or prevents a bullet from penetrating a Kevlar vest - the analogy here being the propriety membrane having enough tensile strength like Kevlar from stopping or preventing resonances from occurring on the membrane. This material is unlike Maggie, Apogee, Martin Logan in that it is not solely a Kapton or Mylar film - which in and of itself will exhibit resonances  when it has played and very high volumes.