Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices

I acquired some Spatial M3 Triode Master speakers(95db/16 ohm)  a few months ago and would like to upgrade my amp and preamp for the new setup. I am currently utilizing my old  Adcom GFP-555II preamp and NAD 2100 amp.  Listening room is aprx 14 x 16 x 8 ft. I listen mainly to Spotify and Tidal or vinyl. Rest of system:
  • Technics SL 1700 w/ Nagaoka MP110 and Cambidge Audio 640p phono preamp.
  •  Bluesound Node 2i and Schiit Modi mulitbit dac,
  • SVS SB-1000 subwoofer
I have been considering a used Conrad Johnson CAV 50 which is a control amp-so no preamp needed, a new Decware Torii Junior which has 2 inputs-so i wouldn't need a preamp, new Primaluna Evo 200 integrated amp. My budget is up to $3000 for this upgrade.   Of course, if you have better suggestions for this pairing please enlighten me.  
I have M3 Triode Masters and have found that these speakers sound better to me with a solid state amp.  I settled on  a Sugden A21 Se class A integrated and a Croft integrated.  For the cost the Croft  tube/solid state hybrid is a great match.  You can also modify the sound with a tube swap.  Both of these amps also sound equally good with my  Devore O-93s. 
I run my M3 Triode Masters with an Audio by Van Alstine Vision SET 120 power amp. Rated at 60wpc at 8 ohms, Frank Van Alstine figured it was probably putting out 45-50wpc into the 12 ohm Spatials, and would be running in Class A under normal listening conditions. Even in my frequently abnormal (LOUD!!!) listening, it has a firm grip on those four 15" drivers in my 15'x28' room. I've never felt the need for a more powerful amp. Your mileage may vary.
Thanks @atmasphere your article will be my Christmas weekend relaxation reading.Thanks @kettle7830 for the additional choices to consider. Thanks @doneaton for your experience powering the Spatials.  
I have tried M3TM with various tubes and ss amps and impression with regard to bass:

LM219IA - warm sounding but weak bass

F7 - musical with average bass

XA25 - slight warmer sound with average bass

kinki studio ex m1 - very good bass but it is cold sounding

Vista Spark (not version2)  - great bass, warm and musical

Manley Snapper - great bass and musical. Warmth depending on the preamp. 

What’s surprising to me was the synergy between M3TM and the 20w Vista Spark, which cost me less than 350usd. 

Thanks @supabayes.  That is very helpful. Good to know that the F7, XA25, and the LM219IA may not pair as well as i hoped and that the Kinki, though good is cold.