Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please

Greetings, some time ago (maybe over a year ago) I asked for some advice as to what tube integrated amp to buy. It was to be my first tube amp and I needed a lot of help. After a long search and much study, I decided on an ARC VSi75. Now I need your help again. I currently have a pair of Focal Aria 926. My listening room is small, 15'7" x 11'7" (4.75m x 3.5m).

I'm looking for a speaker for a near-field situation that extends into the upper mids and high frequencies. Since my amp puts out 75 watts of output, I need something with decent sensitivity, say at least 91db. I also need new speaker cables. I'm using circa 1980s Monster Cable now.

One more consideration, I have lost some hearing due to a neurological autoimmune condition. Yet, when I auditioned Paradigm Persona Bs recently through an ARC, I could here all the sound that I remember hearing when I was a teenager. The point being, I know that upper range I'm chasing is possible I just don't know if it's achievable on my budget. I have about $4,000 to spend on speakers and cables. I was thinking about DH Lab Q-10 for cables and the rest for speakers. What do you guys think? I don't mind buying used. Thank you.


Just checked specs for your speakers. Not an easy load.  They dip under 3ohm.  Not really a good match for tubes.  You’re probably loosing the lower octave of your music.

You need a speaker that is very coherent and you will need to treat the room.



A lot of nice speaker recommendations. Here's mine: The Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G. It's nearly identical big brother the 500 7G was given Stereophile Class A status for a reason. The 300s work better in smaller rooms, and don't have to be so far out into the listening space. Their dual rear ports allow LF trimming to avoid mid-bass 'thickness' on vocals. But most importantly they have both smoothness and dynamics. They sound like what I always hoped for: the British "PRaT" Pace Rhythm and Timing, with the definition and clarity of a horn, yet none of the harshness. Way more speaker per dollar than anything else I listened to. Soundstage and imaging? Very good. My LS-50s required that I be within a few feet (nearfield) otherwise they sounded tiny and my Magnepans simply required too much real estate. The B&Ws - didn't care for their house sound, and as much as I respect Harbeth, Spendor and ProAc, they required spending at least 2-3X my budget to even get close to the Monitor Audios. Use the change to play with cables, and you can bring it all in for your $4K budget.