speaker and interconnects, how nice do I need

I am putting a system together, It is a NAD c356bee integrated amp, dynaudio x14 bookshelf speakers, and Marantz sa8005 cd player.  I put this together used for 2000, so I don't really want to spend another 2000 on cables.  What level of cables matches the level of components, I was hoping to stay under 200 for the pair of interconnects and speaker cables, so @ 100 each, is this possible.  Is my system still on the economical side to the point that it does not matter much, or will I notice a big difference between cables. 
Make your own, make your own.

I would go SUPERcheap - the cheapest you can possibly buy. A few bucks. Then try more expensive cables, and see if they make a difference. You may find that cabling is the least cost-effective way to improve your system,

For line level interconnect, I use pro microphone cable, Canare StarQuad L-4E6S with ETI connectors. Mogami W2534 and ETI connectors is a good alternative. For speakers, I use Goertz. About $200 all in for two interconnects and two speaker cables.

Just one caution - if you are soldering teflon jacketed wire, be very careful to exhaust the fumes. Mogami is probably a better choice for that reason, but I have a soldering station with a fume hood, so I can get away with it.

Works for me, and my system is far from cheap. I would rather spend money elsewhere.
Before trying anything else....order some Canare 4s8 speaker wire and make your own cable. Super inexpensive and I was impressed by how good my little Dynaudio Dm 2/6 sound w/this wire. As far as interconnents, make your own. I made some using Mogami 2549 wire. Recently bought some Wireworld Luna7 and I was impressed how good they are for $40 a meter. Lots of choices and good luck finding the right combination! Bill.