Speaker Balance

I played the channel balance track of the XLO/Reference Recordings Test disc and heard the following, left channel information is further to the left of the left channel speaker than the right channel information is in relation to the right channel speaker. The right channel image sounds like it is more "bound" to it's respective speaker.

My left channel speaker 27" away from a 4' high wall that is open to another room located on a level 4' higher than my listening room.

The right channel speaker is 27" away from a wall with a large amount of glass window area. The windows are treated with Marigo dots. There are also vertical blinds on the window.

I do not toe-in either speaker. A knowledgeable user of this same loudspeaker recommends this setup, although he is not aware of this issue I seek advice about.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve better balance of the images of the two channels? I assume there is a great difference in the way sound is reflected of each wall due to the extreme differences between the two.
It could also be that one speaker is closer to you than the other. Try moving the right speaker back/forward an inch or so.
Hi Wellfed, wish i could help. I have come across these kind of problems. Ya gotta keep moving them around listening by ear. You may be surprised how long, how frustrating this can be. You might find that your speakers look so out of whack from one another and think that this can't work. But it just might. Your situation may need a bit of toe in. Sometimes there are no rules other than experiminting with room placement or room type traps. I hope your speakers move very easy. Work, work ,work, until it locks in. I don't envy you but i wish you the best in this tough situation. Your last sentence is very true and maybe this is what needs to be dealt with. I hope you find that perfect fit.