Speaker Break-in

A search brings up lots of good, past discussion on this subject, so I have a good idea how to go about this. I have new speakers coming next, the manufacturer says this: "You shouldn't need a break in period the surrounds are already very compliant," In turn, the dealer says this: "Yes, just about every speaker needs break-in, less so than other models as they don’t feature internal amplification, but they’ll still benefit from a couple hundred hours of break in" 

Speakers are Legacy Signature Se...Any thoughts?




Surround speakers supply so little sound to the overall experience that even if they require a couple hundred hours of break in, I doubt you will ever notice it. Over all over 85% of sound comes from the central channel I am sure 10% comes from the left and right. That leaves 5% for the surround. While the surrounds add enormously to the dimensionality, they’re being broken in is unlikely to be noticed. 

@soix OK, thank you Gentlemen. Although, @ghdprentice they are not surround speakers the manufacturer is referring to the surrounds of the speakers themselves.

Mine took over 270 hrs to open up.


now, wouldn’t trade em for anything but MBL radiostrhaler 

Legacy are great,speakers. Yup, put on a cd, (repeat).

let play all day and night, every night give a listen, you will hear a diff sound signature maybe every night


enjoy, great speakers