Speaker Break-in

A search brings up lots of good, past discussion on this subject, so I have a good idea how to go about this. I have new speakers coming next, the manufacturer says this: "You shouldn't need a break in period the surrounds are already very compliant," In turn, the dealer says this: "Yes, just about every speaker needs break-in, less so than other models as they don’t feature internal amplification, but they’ll still benefit from a couple hundred hours of break in" 

Speakers are Legacy Signature Se...Any thoughts?




Legacy are great,speakers. Yup, put on a cd, (repeat).

let play all day and night, every night give a listen, you will hear a diff sound signature maybe every night


enjoy, great speakers

Almost bought the Axiom large towers years back.

opted for used amps, and found the close out from klipsch, when they bought and closed one of the best speaker manufacturers in North America. 

went through a good 4-5 pairs, all arrived with some damage,  racks, etc, such a shame to see that many of them get wrecked by the brainless moron ups heartless drivers. 

kept the best ones, have 2 pairs now, and the break in was awesome, I remember the first few days, sounded thin, lifeless, no bass, minds wee just ,…yuk, the good people here and over at the forum, said, give them time, so I did, it’s been wow, 4 years now, I think more, boy was the wait sooo worth it.

bass became tight and full,rich, treble is the most non fatiguing tower I’ve owned (with altec Lansing m510’s close 2nd)

bought 2 pairs, happy as a pig in mud!

man, I was looking at the Legacy speakers for a while as well, sent me brochures, I read every article, review of them I could find, I’m anal, so before a purchase, I will audition, and read every thing I can find on the item I’m gonna drop a lot of money on. I’m a bit jealous of your Legacy purchase, they make great stuff, and please report back if their woodwork is as good as it looks!”


grabbed a McCormack dna750 pair , kept patient, and found the matching LD2 pre for a song, then the UDP1 Showed up also for a great deal, had to!!

for far under my budget, amps, pre, cd,dvd,sacd, universal player, plus 1 nice pAir of Gronneberg RCA’s . I waited months between purchases for the pre and CD player, I used older components til I had my system, then, magically I was looking for speakers, and WOW, BAM, there they were, the ones I’ve wanted for years were practically given away, had too get 2 pairs.


that’s the upstairs system

basement is great, ..odyssey kismet monos, Sanders “the preamp” , nice rotel CD/dvd player, 



3rd system is a mid 90’s yammy 90W simple receiver, hooked up to my computer, which use my Technics sl1200mk2 TT, to record into my hard drive, and clean them up with audio lab 3.0, burn to Taino yuden cdrs’ at 96K. Play through a older pair of BIC Venturi V630 pair. 

im hoping my nephew comes to me when he gets into music, I have a nice old PIONEER TT, yammy receiver, and an older magnavox cd/dvd player  



see, I get talking audio, and I can’t shut up.





I've only had one pair of loudspeakers that changed dramatically after a short break-in. Everything needs some burning in but mechanical drivers used in loudspeakers get to one-million cycles pretty quick. Hook them up and enjoy.