Speaker buzz with SS amplifier, input disconnected

If a buzz/hum is present from my loudspeakers with solid state Monoblock inputs disconnected, what are the likely possibilities accounting for the buzz. Do toroidal transformers ever transmit transformer noise to the loudspeakers?
I thought ground loops were more or less eliminated with amplifier inputs disconnected. Buzz/hum is present in both loudspeakers(with inputs disconnected), more pronounced in one. Thank you for your suggestions!

Amplifier. Gamut M250
Speaker. KEF Blade
Would you kindly expound on the type of layout problem which might result in this speaker buzz. Can a noisy toroid transmit buzz to loudspeakers etc

Generally a noisy power transformer will not cause noise in the audio path as well. But there can be AC line problems that can cause both noise in the amp and mechanical noise as well. Sometimes it can be confusing to sort them out.

The fact that one channel is noisier than the other is a clue. Without knowing any more about the amp I can't say more about layout, but that is what it suggests to me. IMO the amp should get checked out.

It’s been quite a while but never resolved without change of amplifier. Since using VAC and Coda amps, no problem.  Thanks.