Speaker cable arrows???

I bought a used pair of Silverline Audio's Conductor cables. Plugged them in 
and was very pleased with the neutral sound I was getting. Bare wire to the 
speakers, and bananas on the amp end. Then I realized that the arrows on 
the cables where pointing towards the amp. OOPS, I reversed the path 
direction, and couldn't hear any difference. Zero.
My preference would be to have the bananas on the amp end.

Can I disobey the arrows, and run the cables effectively backwards?

While there is good information in that thread, maybe a few posts, most of it is a disaster, and pretty much none of it matters at audio bandwidths. Transmission line effects are not relevant at audio bandwidths and cable lengths except poorly matched digital cables and connections. Bulk effects would be far more relevant and there would need to be directional differences large enough to make a difference. There are many reasons cables can be directional and that thread only covers one really, but huuuge difference between reasons and MFG differences large enough to have any potential ability to be audible.
Think “electrons”, “magnetism “...
The arrows should be pointing North. 
Install them in whichever direction they sound best to you. Personally, I always start by following the arrows on the jacket, but having violated that many times, and in the majority of those cases without any noticeable difference, it's not something to be obsessive about in my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions, they are like rear ends, everybody's got one.
when I bought my B&W powered subwoofer I paid extra for the special audiot ( or is that audiophool) nano-ceramic cross-linking polymer subwoofer signal cable with which to connect the preamp output to the line level input on the sub. And I'm pretty sure it's directional since it has little arrows on it. But not having noticed the little arrows at first I inadvertently installed it in the wrong direction.After listening for a week  I noticed that the little arrows were pointing at the preamp. My common sense notwithstanding I moved the whole system away from the wall in order to re-orient the cable in the "correct" direction. This took quite a lot of time and energy given how obsessive-compulsive I am about connections and such. I even measure how far away the entertainment center is from the back wall at each end. No joke. Then made little marks on the floor in order to facilitate re-positioning without re-measuring. Finally, I sat down and listened to my newly re-oriented low frequencies. My heart sank as I failed to notice the "night and day" difference that any true audiophile would have. But at least I can be sure my preamp is no longer straining to force the signal into and thru the cable in the wrong direction. And my sub no longer has to suck the unwilling signal out the other end. I made up a new word here. "audiot". How do you guys like it?

The electricity that makes speaker drivers in and out is not like water in a faucet.  It pushes the speaker out and pulls it in.  It does this by alternating the current back and forth at the frequencies of the music.  Directional speaker wires are pure hokum.  Avoid dealers who tell you otherwise, unless you still use a green Magic Marker on your CD edges.  If that is the case, Please contact me for my special CBD oil rubbed speaker wire.