Speaker cable change??

Was curious (still again) concerning speaker wires and their sound effect in relation to my current rig. using original  (Grover Huffman) SX bi wired to my Slant 6s  (only) if I were to change what would you recommend? Since I am, I want to retain detail but still have full smooth sound and pick up additional enhancement in the bottom realm and since I'm using ARC CD 3 Mk 2 and DSi200 I was just trying to see if I could find a balanced compromise as I do know Silver would be smooth but, would probably brighten the sound more and not necessarily enhance the lower registers as I want? Would a hybrid be a better choice to achieve this?

Budget is a consideration, any suggestions from owners that have had usage with these types of gear? 



@williewonka there's doubt about using solid core cables for speakers.

Speakers by their very nature, vibrations travel through the connectors, solid stranded cable is designed for vibration free environment, such as in wall. Vibrations and enough movement can break the conductor.

If the choice is current, there are many speaker cables that have larger stranded conductors to compensate the minor variation of solid/stranded cable current carrying capacity.  Seven strand cable is still not enough strands, as this is still not that flexible. 

@rms456 - I considered this and tried a quick test before using solid wire...

  1. Using pliers, I bent the wire 90 degrees
  2. I then bent the wire back on itself 180 degrees
  3. After several iterations (appox 15) the wire snapped
  4. This was the Neotec OCC wire

Considering a speaker cable will never undergo such extreme bending under normal use I figured it would probably be good for a lifetime.

Granted, vibrations can be fatiguing, but quality copper is able to withstand vibrations much better than household Romex.

Regards Steve

I’d recommend these Acoustic Zen Shotgun bi-wire cables.  I have them and they exhibit the sound characteristics you’re looking for.  Best of luck.


All cables affect your system.  Sometimes you want a cable to hide or diminish a weakness of your system.  Presently, I prefer the Amazon Monolith speaker cables…something like $20, if you can believe it…