Speaker Cable for Meadowlark Kestrel 2

I've tried the dozen or so bi-wire ones I have on hand.
This speaker will REALLY let you know whats what upsteam,only wire I have that they seem to like is DNM Reson and shotgunned Analysis oval 12.
In the owners manual the designer stated internal wiring is all DH Labs silver sonic , think this might be the way to go?
The speakers are just beautiful, pride of ownership is off the charts. Last speaker I will ever buy so I want to "get "er done". All sugestions appreciated. 700-800 $ is my limit. Speakes are easy to drive FWIW.
System is EE Avant pre
AVA Synergy 450 amp
Pro-ject Perspective TT w. Nagoka MP-300
IC's are Morrow MA4 and 5 with 12 ft ZU misson to Amp.
I can also make a Analysis Plus, ZU or MIT loom.
I too have a pair of the last Kestrel 2's.... a truly superb speaker by any measure, and although I now have several other pairs of speakers significantly higher in cost, I've found it difficult to let the Kestrels go as they were the first pair of speakers which really gave me deep 3D insight into reproduced musical magic !!!

Indeed they are very revealing of the slightest changes upstream to them, I too tried numerous makes of cables and at the time I last ran them I used DH Labs Q10 in shotgun configuration, which were most favoured over others, and most obviously an improvement over a single Q10 run with jumpers.
The shotgun run of Q10 added greater 'mass' and density to the presentation without slowing things down, and they are rather low cost in the crazy scheme of cables... excellent value which I can highly recommend with the wonderful Kestrel 2's.

Btw, I used this combo with numerous amps, from solid state Bryston mono blocks to push pull KT-88's, single ended 845's and many more... they never failed to deliver some of the most natural, out of box sound I've heard to date !
Coolhand, thanks ever so much. Your info and comments made my day !
In over 40 years in audio I never heard a speaker under 15-20 K that is so detailed with great harmonics as well,
In a word, coherent .
Those are very easy on the eyes!

I have not used the DNM speaker wires but coherency is what the DNM ICs deliver in spades.

Have you looked into Mapleshade? I recall their wires to follow a similar minimalist approach like DNM which seems to play well in terms of coherency. I've always thought them a reasonable alternative to try but have not myself to-date.
Map, I tried Mapleshade a few times but didn't think they were much. But you never know, I might be able to borrow some and try on the Meadowlarks.
Do you agree that the Kestrel 2's leave you in no doubt of whats going on upstream?

I never really thought about the Kestrel 2s in that vein, but now that you mention it. I took a look at the pic I linked above and noted it was shortly after purchasing the Kestrel 2s that I became dissatisfied with the Classe amp. I went searching for a more full bodied amp as the Classe seemed lifeless through the Meadowlarks.

They are a perfect example of the quality sound you can get on the used market for not a lot of money. If you found a pair in good cosmetic condition you were very fortunate.

Like Coolhand's experience, I still have a pair of the original Meadowlark Kestrels. They were the first speakers I used that presented music in a totally relaxed and natural way. Sure I could sell them for a few hundred bucks, but I could never find the joy they bring for that money.