Speaker Cable for Merlin TSM-MM

Dear All
Does anyone have any recommendations for speaker cable for use with the Merlin TSM-MM monitors. I have been recommended the Audience Au 24 speaker cable but would be interested in other suggestions which may also be a cheaper option. I currently use a solid state amp and I am considering upgrading the pre-amp to an Audiopax in the future (if I have the money!) if this helps.
Many thanks in advance.
Careful with Merlin and SS. U may be in for a more analytical ride than u can stand.
Thanks everyone for your replies. In relation to using Merlin with SS, I didn't think this would be an issue but it is good to know. Has anyone here used Audiopax amps (either Model 5 preamp or the power amps) with Merlin speakers as this is possibly my next upgrade path?

I second the TG Audio HSR speaker cables. Having run them with my TSM-MM and later TSM-MX's, I can tell you they are a match made in heaven.......with a SS amp, no less.

I run my TSM-MX with Signal Cable, Double Run Single wire, along with the jumpers, with great success. They have a 30 day return policy, so you can't go wrong. Call or email Frank @ Signal, very pleasant to speak to.
Good luck!
Ridge Street Audio Poiema ! sp cable with VSM-MM speakers.Also RSA Poiema!! XLR ICs,balanced BAM between Audio Aero Prima Mk II cd player (newest version)and Gryphon Callisto 2100 int amp.

So who said ss amps and Merlins dont work .... ?? :-)