Speaker cable length

Hey y'all,

I'm thinking about changing the setup of my rig so the equipment rack is off to the side and nothing is between the speakers. However, that's going to entail a much longer set of speaker cables. Is there anything about speaker cable length I should be aware of? And and am I right in assuming that I need to keep both pairs of cables equal length?
I moved my vertical rack to the side wall. I was using Purist Audio cables and changed to Canare 4S11. Both cables are 15ft. At this length nobody will hear the difference between same length and one long, one short.
I like them more than the $2500 Purist, and there's no noise or RFI being introduced.

Mr.  simao

Speaker cable is all about resistance.

R = (ro x L) S
When R is the cable's resistance in ohms.
ro is the material's constant conductivity figure.
L is the length in meters.
S is the cross section in mm2.

If we talk abou your system, that for some reason, is not specified, what makes or breaks the deal is your Amp's DF.
If you own a tube amp or a HT receiver, cables won't change much.
If you own a good power Amp and pre, it might have XLR (balanced) in/out. Use a balanced cable (as long as you wish, up to 500m, and place your Amp's (monoblocks) as close to the speakers (speaker cables can then be reduced to 1/2 meter!), and place your source and pre. where you like it. That's the optimum solution, if you look for one.

@b4icu. My amp is a line magnetic 518. My speakers are spatial audios M3 turbo s's. I would be doing the switch of the components off to the side purely for aesthetic purposes. I'm using a pretty narrow salamander rack and a low amplifier stand for the line magnetic, and my spatials are about 5 ft off the back wall, so I doubt the component stands are doing anything for the sound since they are way back behind the spatials. And I would definitely go with XLR, except the line magnetic only has RCA inputs.
I recently bought new speakers, new speaker cables and changed the speakers location. I now need one 5meter speaker cable and one 7 meter speaker cable. Was concerned the length and also length mismatch would be an issue. Unfounded worries, sounds great, soundstaging is terrific.
Amp=Conrad Johnson MF2250A .. speakers Magico A3 .. cables Morrow SP4.