Speaker cable length.

I have a small weekend cabin in the country. I have a modest system there consisting of a set of Polk Audio Monitor 7 tower speakers, an NAD C316 BEE integrated, Schiit Modi 2 DAC and a Denon radio receiver. Sounds much better than you might expect.

Anyway, we recently got a fireplace installed. This means that there will be a speaker on each side of the fireplace with the components on the right side of the fireplace. That means the right speaker is within 2-3 feet of the amp/components. The cable for the left speaker will run under the house from the amp and then back into the house on the left of the fireplace because I don't want it on the floor in front of the hearth. This will require about 16’ of speaker cable.

Will the difference (16’ of cable to the left speaker vs maybe 4’ to the right one) make a difference on a modest system like this? If so, what to do about it? I certainly don’t want 16’ of cable piled on the floor on the right.

Thanks for any input.

P.S.: I have good quality bulk speaker cable from Transparent if that makes any difference.


Give it a shot, to see if you notice a change in sound, before you run the wire under the floor. 

Many will tell you to keep them the same length, supposedly to keep the channels synchronized in time. Electricity in copper travels at .5c. You won’t hear it.

I think coiling up 12 feet of cable under your amp into a large inductor is more likely to be a problem.


Thanks guys. Makes sense. I already ran the cable since the contractor had to run electrical underneath for the same reason.  The holes were there so it was simple. Haven't cut anything to length yet.

@carlsbad2 I think many audiophiles would say they could hear the difference between 16' and 4' at 0.5c no problem. Especially if the cable cost less and $100 a foot. ;-)