Speaker Cable : Low/Mid Priced Advice

I Already have Tributaries SP4 I am wondering if I should upgrade to DH Labs T14 or Kimber 4tc. Will there be a significant improvement? or should I just save up and buy some more expensive cables in the future. -Dave
I have really enjoyed my alphacore MI2 biwire in my system (I know there are those who doubt the physics behind their design, and I must admit less experience with other designs) but I have no complaints, especially for the price. There are more than one critic from more than one high end journal (I can't quote which ones off the top of my head right now) with whom I have agreed after having them in my system for a few months. I also know someone from whom you can get the best price on them (and other cables, components, ect) if you wish to email me. I also use their interconnects with good results. Another low priced but high quality manufacturer whose interconnects and power cords I have tried is harmonic tech. They are best found on the used market. My email is jgcmd@yahoo.com if you want to get more info. Regards.
I forgot to mention that I tried Tributaries SP5 and was not impressed. It tended to muddy the sound from my rather analytical and revealing martin logans.
I will admit a certain bias (due to my current auction), but I've been using Kimber 8TC for the last couple of years, and I've loved it. The Kimber added so much more detail and air over my old Audioquest cables, and 8TC is a definite upgrade over 4TC--there's just so much more there in the bass, detail and airiness departments. I'm upgrading to monoblocks, though and I don't need the longer speaker cables, so I'm auctioning them off. Scottyb, strangely enough, I just moved up to Harmonic Tech Pro-11, too. Simonsez, the 8TC that I am auctioning is currently at about $150 if you're interested (MSRP $284).
Definitely Analysis Plus Oval 9 is not only the best sounding I have EVER heard they are the best value out there Try em