I am planning to upgrade my speaker cable and interconnect to the HIJIRI cables but budget is a constraint I can do one cable at a time.

So my friends which cable should be my first purchase the speaker cable or the interconnect.



Cable interaction is for sure real ,

Thats why cables off floor electricity,magnetic fields,

No Ac cable Ever on any interconnect,or speaker cable 

And  if AC cable are near each other alway run at a X 

Across and i keep separate with speaker foam so thsy never touch

Having owned a Audio store my techs taught me many

Things regarding magnetic fields,and noise it can be measured and heard 

Also depending on your cables quality in shielding. 

@jasbirnandra - Hijiri Cables are among the very finest cables available.

But I would suggest you ask about them on the Hijiri thread. The guys on there can provide some guidance as to which model or combination might suit you the best.

But to your question: Speaker or Interconnect first?

  • I would recommend getting the speaker cables first
  • then, when you get the Interconencts you will really be able to hear the improvements.

I’ve been making my own cables for over 12 years and I was surprised as to how much of an improvement the speaker cables made. Having the best speaker cables is essential for further cable upgrades

Discerning the improvements from the introduction of a new interconnect or power cable was so much easier

Regards - Steve



I think this can be system dependent. Hopefully you can try both out first or return the one that did not perform the best over the other. That being said. Treat your room first. Way more important than those two cables. If you have done that then I am going to suggest power cables too. They say upgrade your sources first. That being said I am a huge proponent of getting your foundation covered first. Room, speakers, amp, preamp and cables for them. Once you have your foundation correct everything can sound good, just different. Like better sound stage, better detail, and last but not least tighter bass. This will help your speakers disappear more easily. I know so many people who gamble with the gear and are not always happy. I will bet you do not have your foundation and room treatments correct. First reflections, front wall between the speakers, and dial in your speaker placement. You will be amazed. If you can have something less attractive try moving blankets from Harbor Freight of drapes from Amazon. I hope this helps. 

I typically follow the old Transparent Audio advice, unless buying used, then it's whatever comes up first...Transparents' preferred order to upgrade was IC from source to pre first, then speaker cables, and lastly IC from amp to pre...

Everybody here who are trying to help thank you.

The cables I currently use are not bad but I am looking for more depth and they are here feeling and more air like phantom images in front of you.