Speaker Cable Recommendation

I'm wondering if someone could recommend a pair of speaker cables.  I have looked at Nordost entry level, but they may be too thin for my system. Looking for cables that may add some "weight" to the following system.

Decware 300b tube amp (8watts),  Klipsch Forte IV,   Holo May Dac, PS Audio BHK Pre with 12AU7 input tubes. My room is 20X12, not treated, vaulted ceiling, fair amount of glass. Not a great room :) In the $1,000.00 range

Thanks, Mark


Seconds to Morrow Audio [SP7] and Cardas [Clear, Clear Cygnus]. I agree that no entry level cables sound good, something I really hoped was NOT true...but every time i have upgraded, I gained more detail, or bass "oomph", or something SIGNIFICANT [there's that word again]. I do NOT agree that that means you must spend $10,000, as someone chimed in above...

I also use Anticables in my 3rd setup, their current top of the line, which is well under your price guideline.

Unfortunately for my [our] wallets, cables do matter.

What most surprised me about the Western Electric cloth covered cables is that they apparently have very wanting insulation - at least relative to a more modern understanding of what is required to to keep ambient EMF from using the cable as an antenna. The WE's have a probably waxed cloth outer covering and a single inner tube which certainly does not appear to be teflon. It looks more like pvc.

For a low powered amp you need cables low inductance and low capacitance cables. The inductance will ruin you base and capacitance will reduce your high frequencies. There are a lot of low resistance cables and silver plated cable is very good option. Also look for short cables. Good luck