Speaker Cable Recommendation

I'm wondering if someone could recommend a pair of speaker cables.  I have looked at Nordost entry level, but they may be too thin for my system. Looking for cables that may add some "weight" to the following system.

Decware 300b tube amp (8watts),  Klipsch Forte IV,   Holo May Dac, PS Audio BHK Pre with 12AU7 input tubes. My room is 20X12, not treated, vaulted ceiling, fair amount of glass. Not a great room :) In the $1,000.00 range

Thanks, Mark


Cardas or Mogami. I find Mogami makes very humbly priced but superlative gear. 

I moved to Delund 12Ga tin over copper with oiled cotton insulator. I really like this for speaker cables and I hear users dyi the 16ga into single ended RCA. It is not pricey I for one glad I tried this. -


enjoy the ride -

Since you have a Decware amp why not try the Decware cables? I have a pair and  I have no complaints about any part of their performance. They are reasonable also.


If you like the Nordost sound, why not check out some of the threads about the fake real high level like Odin stuff is?

I don’t believe anything is illegal about doing it, and if it’s not then why in the world wouldn’t you give it a whirl?

I, personally, would not even consider trying to re-sell it if you don’t care for it.

From the things folks say around here about the real world quality of that, I guess you would call it fake s**t, they sound like they actually perform really well.

I’ve had Freya 2 for a few years now and love them. I paid real dough for them, and love them, so I don't feel the need to upgrade or I would.

I can vouch for what someone else said, about how you better like everything upstream a lot, because it’s gonna let you hear your system for what it really is.

It sounds like you’ve got good synergy in your system. That’s what’s vital, of course. It sounds like you have it.

What folks are saying about room control is real. I recently got a Lyngdorf 2170 with Room Perfect software and the way it tightened up my bass produced a radical improvement in my sound. It made me a believer.

You should check out the YouTube video of this total tube guy just raves about using Lyngdorf as a pre amp so he can still dig on his tube sound.

One think he says is that considering how big of a bang it is for the buck, it’s really not terribly expensive. I bet the way it would tame your room would drastically change the way you experience that system. Period. You know the whole thing about, you don't know what you don't know?

I have tried Mogami speaker cables and they sounded terrible, like the system got seriously ill.....!!!!

I have tried a Canare interconnect and it sounded pretty cheap. Good for it's ultra low price but nothing impressive.

I recommend for anyone to try the following. The price performance ratio is incredible. They cost around $4 per meter.......!!!!!


JANTZEN AUDIO 6N Speaker Cable Solid Core Polyéthylène