Speaker Cable Recommendations

I know this may be dangerous but I need some suggestions for decent speaker cables under a grand on the used market. During my search I always end up back at the same ones. Acoustic Zen, Audioquest. Does anybody have experience with Tara Labs? Less expensive Kubala? Wireworld? Shunyata? I am using a Bat ss amp with a Mac pre and Aerial 10t speakers. I like nice controlled bass with a very neutral mid and high.

Wywires Silver or Platinum single run with same jumpers w/alternate +/- configuration on the speakers. All Wywires series are copper... no silver. Not a big fan of silver conductors on Aerials but you may feel differently. 
All of the above suggestions are great choices. I wish you much luck in making a decision, you probably can't go wrong with any of them :-)
Please let us know what you end up purchasing and how you like them.

What did you like better about the AP Solo Crystal Oval 8 over the Cerious Matrix?

In my system the AP cables sound fuller, more "organic" ..., if there is a word like this to describe sound.  The instruments and voices sound more real to me.  I'm still not quite sure of the graphene benefit in Cerious  cable design.  The Cerious cables are very good but in my system I prefer the AP by a small margin.