Speaker cable recommendations

Hello! I'm currently looking for some speaker cable recommendations. Current system is Luxman L509x to ATC SCM20s and I've been using Belden 9497 to connect the two. I have roughly 10 ft between the left speaker and amp which makes for a more expensive cable.

I've been wanting to stay around $300 or less but the options that have been recommended to me tend to be above that.

Options that I've been considering - 

  1. Wireworld Solstice - there's a sale right now and I can get biwired for $250
  2. DIY Duelund 16GA for tweeter/12GA for bass - for the length, I'm looking at ~ $550 biwired from partsconnexion
  3. DIY Neotech NES-3004 MKII - ~$600 
  4. Used Analysis plus - it looks like I can only afford Oval 12 around this price range. 

Any suggestions on which direction would go well with my system? I've been leaning more toward the Neotech since I've read the duelund has a specific sound that it goes for and Neotech should be more neutral. I have no experience with any of the cables above so any help would be appreciated.


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Duelund.  Run that exact Luxman/ATC 20 combination and the Duelunds are brilliant.  Cannot go wrong.  Cheers

Just another suggestion: I purchased Silnote Audio's least expensive speaker cables (Morpheus Reference II Series II @ $495) when I purchased my Focal Sopra 2s and intended to upgrade if I liked them. They were so good that I ended up just keeping them! In my system they just seemed to let the music flow more effortlessly and naturally.  That was 4 years ago and I've significantly upgraded the rest of my system and these speaker cables have performed every step of the way. 

I've since also replaced all of my interconnects with Silnote with great results each time. 

Good luck and happy listening!!