Speaker cable recommendations in my budget

I really hate to open this can of worms. I know people tend to be very passionate about their cables and how heretical someone else’s choice is.  But, here goes anyway.

if it matters, I have a Denon AVR4806 & JM Labs speakers. Both are about 7 or 8 yrs old. I need 8’-10’. I really only want to spend less than $150 but, I’d go to $200 if there some phenomenal cable that would rock my world.

On the site & in that range are: AntiCabled, Schmitt, PS Audio, Audio Quest, NBS Serpent, Harmonic Tech & Audio Quest Serpent.

Do any of you see the glaring top 2 or 3 I should pick from? There’s now real audio shop around me that sells this stuff.

PLEASE: Don’t recommend dumping my receiver or speakers & no fights.
Find Zu Audio cables on eBay. They sell there as auctions, or you can get them full price on their website https://www.zuaudio.com/ . Depending on length, you may be around $200. You pick the termination (or none at all). Libtec looks nicer, but all look good. Sound? Barrel of worms. Not any worse than any other you will buy. If anyone tells you that you could get it better, remind them it is a Denon receiver, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with Denon receiver.
I highly recommend JW Audio Cryo Nova speaker cables.  At $10 per foot (pair), they compete with many cables 10 times their price.  They do nothing wrong and have solved treble glare in more than one system. 

After reading plenty of reviews from impressed users,
I took a wild punt on Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Speaker Cables.
These were purchased as used items and imported to the UK.
I compared these against cables I had been using and the ones I thought were my best choice and in use.
It was not long before I could be assured the Mapleshades were a much better option, and were to become the successor to my other cables.
Mapleshades have a sonic signature, they are not a Bass Heavy presentation, with a colouration that I will refer to as a Muddiness, that is perceived in many lower priced copper cables.
They have a Clear Bass Note, that decays with a what feels like a honest portrayal.
The Mids and Highs have a projected presence that is very satisfying to listen to.

My Cables were taken to a Speaker Cable Comparison Event, where a system owner was looking to purchase a pair of speaker cables.
Approximately £5000 worth of Speaker Cables were present from
Six Brands with the Mapleshade being a additional wild card entry.
The group of attendees were in a unanimous agreement, that the system owners choice was correct for a pair of £700 Pure Silver Cables being the ones that worked best in the system, and these were selected over a few Cable Brands with a close to £1500 price tag.
The Wild Card Mapleshades were then Put on for their Audition, and the group of attendees now become split on their agreement as to what was the best cable in the system, and a few were Googling the Mapleshades to check for a deal like I got on mine.
I hope this info helps with your producing a shortlist.  
Beyond ANY doubt the ZU cables selling for peanuts on ebay are THE
value supreme in audio.
The are built as well as average 1,000 $$ cable . Often better.AND have excellent  service !