Speaker cable recommendations please

Starting to think about what will replace my AQ Rockefellers. I feel like these are now possibly my weakest link.

Amplifier is the Ayre AX-7e, speakers are Amphion Argon.

I guess I like what many others do: excellent detail retrieval, tight punchy bass, realistic mids on the warm-ish side, non-fatiguing highs. Overall I prefer clarity/neutrality/detail over warmth.

Budget would be up to 1000, for used.

At some point I may give the anti-cables a trial run, just to gauge the hype. I don't see how these wouldn't be a downgrade though given the cost difference against what I have now. Who knows....?
I will sound a little air headed here but I wanted to respond Dfgkali. I changed speakers out a year ago and have been trying to fine tune them. I took out my Audio Magic Sceptor stranded silver cables and thought I would try some ht cables I had, Monster XP-HP. In my system (Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands, Moon D100 dac, Marantz 6050 transport, Sumo Polaris amp, Van Den Hul ic's, Lightspeed) , and I felt they were a lot better in this context. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I think I might be able to do better but I am not sure much, if any. I am thinking of trying Analysis Plus cables.
If you are already using AQ try the Oak. It is as you describe in your "wants" charactoristics, neutral, detailed, etc. Disclaimer, I have a pair for sale, but will continue to recommend them in the future.
Marqmike, So I got curious and went back and checked my cable, Printed on the cable says: "Monster Cable High Resolution Speaker Cable with Duraflex insulation". big fat 12 AWG cable.
I purchased the 100' spool from Fry's Electronic for about $120 Ten Years ago. I have no choice w/my speaker placement, they have to be across the room, so I just cut the cables to both speakers to equal length of 45' and connected them up.

My speakers are 4ohm DCM Time Window 7's. I am running two Carver A500x Amps which operated in Bridged Mono putting out 800WPC for many years. I just changed my PreAmp and per a members suggestion I turned off the bridge mode and I am currently running the amps in simple bridge mode, the highs are much softer...but I digressed!

I guess what I was trying to get at was that at least for me, it just wasn't feasible to spend the kind of $$ on cables due to them being 45' long, but I am almost sure that the sound I currently get w/the Monster Cables from Fry's isn't that sonically inferior to some 10 foot $300 to $500 cables....

well when I move I'll find out. :)
At this point I'm considering

AZ Hologram II
Kimber 8tc

And will likely trial the Clear Day and Anticables.

I've also read plenty of good things about audience au24e. Are those worth delaying the purchase until I can afford the difference in price, against the other choices?

Would any of these *not* be a noticeable upgrade to the Rockefellers?