Speaker Cable Recommendations - Under 2k

I’m looking for some advice on speaker cables.  I currently have Morrow SP7s and would like to upgrade while keeping under 2k for a 2.5m pair.  Below is a list of my equipment.  

Linn LP12 with circus upgrade and lingo power supply

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge

Herron VTPH-2a phono preamp

ARC LS25 MKII preamp

ARC VT200 power amp

Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary Speakers

Interconnects and phono cable are also Morrow 7 series

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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cables are system dependent. You don't mention what type of sound your prefer.  My customer has a pair of AQ Rocket 88 cables.  In our systems, they have very good clarity, details, separation of the mid-range and higher frequencies.  In our system we hard the same but the bass response was not as much pronounced.  He uses monitor speakers so they probably do not go down low enough to hear what we heard.  So you have to try cables to see what works and what you like in your system.


Happy Listening.

I CANT recommend audio art cable enough. Rob, the owner is extremely hands-on, helpful, conservative with his recommendations and after looking at morrow and a bunch of other brands I gave his product a shot. I went top-of-the-line but I’ve heard great things up and down his product range. I also had an issue with one of the cables and they were very helpful in getting it repaired.

@mihorn In the future, I would think it appropriate for all of your posts to begin with the clear disclosure "I HAVE A VESTED FINANCIAL INTEREST IN THE PRODUCTS I AM RECOMMENDING"  I have no problem with anyone joining forums looking for business, but I do find it disingenuous for you to be repeatedly contributing to discussions only to covertly recommend your own product.   IMHO.  

I have similar equipment. You can see my profile. I find Cardas too warm in my system… although I am not familiar enough with the sound of your speakers to be one hundred percent certain. There is a classic combination is Transparent cables, ARC gear and Sonus Faber speakers. Because they are just that, transparent and ARC is very carefully balanced in tonality… a little either way and it will not sound as good. Most of my cables and interconnects are Transparent after experimenting with at least a dozen high end cable companies.