Speaker Cable Recommendations - Under 2k

I’m looking for some advice on speaker cables.  I currently have Morrow SP7s and would like to upgrade while keeping under 2k for a 2.5m pair.  Below is a list of my equipment.  

Linn LP12 with circus upgrade and lingo power supply

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge

Herron VTPH-2a phono preamp

ARC LS25 MKII preamp

ARC VT200 power amp

Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary Speakers

Interconnects and phono cable are also Morrow 7 series

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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I went from Audioquest Volcano, $3500 back when they were made in the US, to Silversmith Fidelium, $1000 when I bought them a couple years ago, and have not looked back. Patiently awaiting Fidelium interconnects.

Silversmith Fidelium. Someone earlier praised these. I've tried them and they are outstanding. Also, check out Greg Weaver's review on EnjoyTheMusic.com


Someone mentioned “beefy”. DH Labs has a nice discount on the Q-10 Signature series (multi conductor 10 awg equivalent) thru February. Haven’t heard them but am interested for subs given my other positive experiences with DH in terms of high quality and total customer sat.

Just a reminder that wires are not better for all… like there is poor quality to good quality and this applies to everyone. While this is generally true with really inexpensive wires, it is not true with mid to high end wires. It depends on your system and your values. In my systems Cardas has been the savior and destructor, depending on my components… Nordost as well, the best and worst I heard in my system.

i don’t want to be over dramatic but, “the best” I have heard in my system is not an appropriate endorsement that it will be the best in your system.