Speaker Cable Suggestion

I'm building my new hifi system. Currently includes a pair of B&W 804s, a Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated as well as the matching CD player.

Does anyone have any suggestions for potential speaker cable that would match best? The interconnect should be changed soon as well.

My idea would be the golden cross serie from Cardas or the neutral reference.

Any other suggestions?

Depnds on what you're willing to spend, but for the price it is hard to beat an Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity. Get the zobel network built into them and get a set of their jumpers. All told you'll spend about $300.

If you want to go higher, I have had good luck with FIM/CRL cables. You'll have to find these used though. Even though CRL is back in business they are not using the same sourced cable as the original design. These will run you about $500 or so used.

I've had Virtual Dynamics Master 2.0 cables of late and they are a fine cable if you can get them used, about $900. They didn't work for me in my system, but overall they are a good quality cable that are great sounding

A couple cables I'm considering trying out are the Zu Cable Ibis and Ridge Street Audio Design Poemia!!!. I've never had silver speaker cables in my system and so I figured I might as well give them a listen. I have been very happy with my Poemia!!! interconnects and Robert is a good guy. Adam at Zu usually has some auctions running where you can get pretty good deals on the Zu cables.
Nice to see you're still singing the praises of Goertz MI-2, Clio! Those are still the buy of the century, IMHO.

Obviously I second your recommendation.

I might also suggest the 'Lending Library' over at the Cable Company. Take some of the suggestions you get from this thread and from searching the archives and then give them a call. It's a tremendous advantage to be able to try out a number of cables to see which you prefer without getting a second mortgage.
Honestly I have used Phoenix Golds wich are cheap as dirt all copper and they work well with a bright system.These are biwire. We had a shoot out and they won handily.The Cardas Cross which is the lower end of the Cardas line will still cost you a fortune .. The neutral refs are not going sound like the typical cardas and won't be warm.BTW the Phoenix Golds are a Carver product, I am not a Carver lover but these are very good.Quest for sound will make any length you want, he's an agon dealer.
I would suggest cables from Empirical Design. I ran Ridge Street Pioma!, Wireworld Polaris and, for a long while, Audience Au24 and found the ED cables to be superior in every respect. Detail without being tipped up or harsh. Holographic imaging and great reproduction of acoustic venue. Give Karl a call--he is knowledgeable, sincere and completely devoid of BS. He makes all types of cables, uses top quality connectors and dresses everything beautifully. Best of all, his cables won't break the bank. He offers a money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. I wrote a review here on the A'gon which was also posted on Audio Asylum. With the recent reviews in Tone Audio I think you will be hearing more of this company.