Speaker Cables

Best Speaker cable for bass response, opinions?
Check out the Cabledyne Silver Synergy speaker cables.

I’ve had them for awhile now and really like what I hear. The base response you’re looking for is there but it is not bloated or smeared, in the least. At first it will give you the impression that the base is somewhat lacking but it’s not. It’s tight, tuneful, detailed and deep, when called for. Nothing artificial, unless that it is what you want.

Everything else is pretty much spot on as well with extended highs and a tightly focused soundstage that goes well beyond my speakers, when recorded that way.

When funds allow, I’m going to try out their Virtuoso line of speaker cables. The Synergy SCs are a steal at the price.

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All you need to focus on is distance and the damping factor of the system. If you are using modern solid state gear, the DF is mostly irrelevant. Unless it’s a long run and super low impedance (1ohm), just get 16awg or lower.