Speaker cables

Looking for recommendations for wilson watt puppy's speaker cables
What type (cable) do you guy's feel will give a great sound with imaging and bass impact with Electrostats and Ribbons, I have Acoustats and Apogee Duetta Signatures,and that I don't have to pay out of this world price for, I would like to go from amp to speaker at 20'. Thank's
I just got  some 1 meter Audience FrontRow speaker cables and they sound great with my Thiel CS3.7's and all Benchmark stack. I love the Audience cables because nothing stands out. I feel like you are hearing everything that is there in the recording.
The speaker cables are defined by the Amp's DF and length. The speaker is irrelevant. 
Tell me what is your Amp's DF and required cable length.
I am surprised that you recommended the Inakustik. Pleasantly surprised because you make your own cables :-) 

In any case, I second the recommendation for Inakustik cables. I have experience with them and love what they did in my system.